14 Leadership Lessons From The Life Of Jesus


Even reasonable atheists must admit Jesus Christ is the greatest leader who ever lived.  No other person has been more talked about, more worshipped, had more songs and books written about their life, inspired more artwork, created a more successful lasting organization called the local church, and literally has history measured by when He lived on the Earth.  Jesus Christ is the greatest leader who ever lived.

I feel so strongly about this statement I previously wrote a post entitled Just 10 Of The Reasons Why Jesus Is The Greatest Leader Ever.  Portions of this post were even included in my book The 10 Indispensable Practices Of The 2-Minute Leader.

To further demonstrate the unmatched leadership of Jesus, I want to refer you to Matthew 20:29-34 where we find the account of when He gave two blind men their sight.

The following are just 14 of the Leadership Lessons From The Life Of Jesus we find in this passage.  First is the text followed by leadership principles we can all follow and implement.

  1. Great Leaders Have Followers – v. 29 “a great multitude followed Him.”  As John Maxwell famously said, “He who thinks he is a leader but has no one following is merely taking a walk.”
  2. Great Leaders Model Great Leadership – Still building off the previous text, as people followed in the “dust of their Rabbi”, Jesus modeled what transformational leadership looked like.  People do what people see.
  3. Great Leaders Have Developed A Great Reputation – v. 30 “when they heard that Jesus was passing by”.  When you pass by those you lead, what is the response?  Is it excitement?  Anticipation?  Hope?  Or is the response fear and anxiety?
  4. Great Leaders Show Great Mercy – v. 30 (the blind men) “cried out, saying, ‘Have mercy on us’”.  As Christian leaders, if we received what we deserved it would be death and hell.  It is only through Jesus we can stand blameless before God.  Therefore, the extension of mercy is part of our leadership DNA as well.  Who do you need to extend mercy today?
  5. Great Leaders Provide Great Solutions – v. 30 “O Lord, Son of David!”  This is a Messianic term.  The Messiah had arrived to deliver them from their sin.  When you walk into a room, do people feel burdens have been lifted and solutions are coming?
  6. Great Leaders Face Great Opposition – v. 31 “the multitude warned them they should be quiet”.  My pastor Crawford Loritts says, “Jesus’s popularity was always problematic.”  Successful leaders plan for opposition, challenges, and unforeseen obstacles.
  7. Great Leaders Have Great Persistence – v. 31 “but they cried out all the more”.  All leaders will experience failure.  We have all been knocked down.  Successful leaders stand back up, persevere and keep moving forward.  For more on this topic, read 11 Leadership Lessons I Have Learned From Failure
  8. Great Leaders Are Great Communicators – v. 32 “So Jesus stood and called them”.  Jeff Henderson says, “Leadership comes with a microphone.”  For more lessons on communication, read 26 Tips For Pastors And Business Leaders On Becoming A Better Vision Caster.
  9. Great Leaders Have Great Demands Placed Upon Them – v. 32 “What do you want Me to do for you?”  People are constantly asking things of leaders?  It seems as though everyone wants something.  How a leader handles requests effects the level of their influence.
  10. Great Leaders Bring Great Clarity – v. 33 “Lord, that our eyes may be opened.”  Many times plans fail due to misinterpretation or lack of clarity.  Simple, straightforward instructions are necessary for success.
  11. Great Leaders Have Great Compassion – v. 34 “So Jesus had compassion”.  Lasting leaders have a sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.
  12. Great Leaders Connect With People – v. 34 “and touched their eyes.”  The only appreciable asset any organization has is its people.  Making an emotional and practical investment in their development is critical to becoming a lasting organization.
  13. Great Leaders Deliver Results – v. 34 “And immediately their eyes received sight”.  Because leadership does come with a microphone, many leaders can talk a great game.  However, one of the characteristics of great leaders is they deliver results.
  14. Great Leaders Are Great Servants – v. 34: “and they followed Him.”  Saved people serve people.  And served people become saved people.

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